Instant access to Mind Watchers  5 step programme. 
Do you understand how you really think?
We all want to think better but there's a problem 
We haven't been taught how we think.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If you Could ?
  • Take control of your mindset and create the thoughts and habits that suit you and not others.
  • Understand your thinking Patterns.
  • Create new thinking habits that energise and uplift you every day.
  • Learn all this from the comfort of your own home while watching the training in your own time. 
  • Drinking your favourite cuppa and getting inspired, motivated and uplifted all in one go.
If you follow the programme   
You will have rewired your mindset that you will naturally think better.  
You will have a REAL sense of gratitude for yourself and your life 
and Guess what ?  
Life will be easier, happier, and better when you do this.
"Pam is an excellent coach and has a wonderful way of simplifying everything and gives us weekly tools to support our beliefs and thoughts. 
I found the gratitude journal invaluable. It made me realise that there is a huge amount in my life to be thankful for. By attending Mind Watchers it has given me hope that I can change my life by changing my thoughts. 
I would absolutely recommend Mind Watchers. 
- Norma MWC Member 2018
 " It was eye opening. I now stop and think. Mind Watchers got me thinking why I think the way I do and I now know I can change my thinking. I feel much happier within myself and so delighted I did the course. It has changed how I look and appreciate my life in every way.

- Anne MWC May 2019
"Pam Tracey was requested to provide Staff-Training to all Staff. I immediately knew that the Staff would find the Programme to be thought-provoking and engaging as well as very beneficial. I was not disappointed. Pam delivered the Programme over 5 weeks and Staff found the Programme to be excellent - something different that facilitated reflection for Staff. I can honestly say that the Programme was thought-provoking and most-enjoyable". 
- Liam Twomey - Principal St Francis Special school. Nov '19
As a teacher, sometimes it’s easy to slip into the habit of putting everyone else ahead of yourself and the people who matter most to you. The wheel of life exercise really opened my eyes to what I needed to put more of my time and energy into and I never looked back. I now end each day by journaling in my gratitude journal. It has been a renewal of re-prioritising what’s of most importance to me in my life. I thank Pam for providing this course to remind us of the tools within us all to make this change. I feel like I have my work-life balance back again. I highly recommend this amazing Programme if you also need a wake up call!- 
Rhona Healy Jan '20
Immerse yourself weekly into the Mind Watchers formula.
Here is Mind Watchers special offer 
Instant access to the 5 Step programme delivered weekly online.
Wk 1. Understand your thinking and what you think about your life. 
Wk 2. What do you value and do you believe you add value?
Wk 3. Understanding Beliefs, thoughts and feelings and how they form. 
Wk 4. Why we take action/why we don't. Success as it is now. Taking action for you & creating your life by design. .
Wk 5. Putting it all together, building better boundaries and your future self. 
 3 guided self reflective work books. 
Instant access to our pdf workbooks that can be printed at home and go hand and hand with each training.
Full of thought provoking, fact finding questions that supports you to understand your own habitual thinking patterns. 
Weekly tools for moving forward that you can use again and again. 
Your Own guided 35 day gratitude journal.
 Instant access to my 35 day guided gratitude journal that will help you create a new habit with monumental rewards. 
All attendees have all said its invaluable to their new found success and happiness. 
I'm also going to throw in some super FREE bonus's.
Bonus 1 : 7 for 7 formula.
Instant access to My 7 for 7 powerful formula. 
Learn to action the 7 simple habits that I have put into my day that have supported my growth, self care and completely enhanced my life . 
Waiting for you in your members area is my 7 for 7 (plus bonus habit) E-Book.
7 corresponding video tutorials for each habit. 
Bonus 2 : Access to our private facebook community.
10 weeks access to Mind Watchers Facebook community- Create 30 Minuets for me. 
Get daily tips and tricks to stay on track even after the course finishes. With inspired messages & weekly lives from Mrs Mind Watcher interaction with other members everyday. 
Are you ready to think better if so, Mind Watchers programme is for you. 
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys and implements the training will think better and have the life they deserve. 
That's why I'm offering a 30 day money back guarantee.  While I can't guarantee the lotto numbers, I can guarantee if you commit to it every week and reflect on the training and do the work books you will get the results you need to think better every day.  
  • Have a mindset that energises and supports you. 
  • Finally BELIEVE 'You are Good Enough'.
  • Give yourself the gift of 'watching your mind'  and jumpstart your life like never before!
  Change your thinking to change your life & at Mind Watchers I show you how.   
Pam - Mrs. Mind Watcher. 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • Your 5 step programme to better thinking. 5 weekly lesson videos where you can listen and learn from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Your Own self reflective pdf workbooks delivered to you inbox 
  • 35 day pdf guided gratitude diary 
  • BONUS : 10 week Access to Mind Watchers private facebook community where you will get support on the go and daily inspiration and weekly lives from Mrs Mind Watcher. 
  • BONUS : My own personal guided 7 for 7 action tips for creating new habits of self care everyday for 7 weeks.  
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      Hi I'm Pam, Mrs Mind Watcher.
      I pride myself as a multifunctioning human with many tags like Mum, Wife, sister, friend, coach, mentor and passionate trainer of my 5 week powerful self -reflective thinking programme. 

      I have lived a full life and have travelled many hurdles I grew up in a co-dependent home, which led to divorce (not good in catholic Ireland in the 80's/90's)

      I enjoyed and built a full and happy career in  management which resulted in building my own businesses, 16 staff and 4 stores at its peak and losing it all at 36 and travelling the road of bankruptcy- which I survived and came out the other side.

      I can honestly say I have less now than I ever had, but I have so much more …. I have the real me. 
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